Untaken Path with Hideo Yamaki and Bill Laswell.

A coded dialog between acoustic drums and electric bass. Master percussionist, Hideo Yamaki – Japan’s premiere drummer, most respected, most recored, most in demand…without peer. From J-pop to free jazz, folkloric to metal… A true Kaijyu of universal rhythm… In duet here with American bassist Bill Laswell, presenting an intuitive duel of intense hypercussion vs fluid low end assault… overflowing, extending, colliding, unfolding… 2 voices, 2 directions. In search of the same mirage.

1. Untaken Path 15:32

Out on August 7, 2015.


Born in Kumamoto, Japan. In ʻ74, he moved to Tokyo, in ʼ78 he formed legendary experimental rock band MARIAH with leading sax player Yasuaki Shimizu, later joined jazz guitar master, Kazumi Watanabeʼs Band. He is also known for being the long time drummer for trumpet virtuoso, Toshinori Kondo & IMA. Yamaki has worked with numerous artists and musicians from all over the world: Arto Lindsay, John Zorn, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ginger Baker, Bernie Worrell, Hosono Haruomi, David Sylvian, SamulNori, Bill Bruford, Foday Musa Suso , Bill Laswell, to name a few.


M.O.D. Technologies – revealing light on the development of new sound experiences in material culture. A multi-directional music / sound / information system. Initiated in 2010 by bassist / producer Bill Laswell and Giacomo Bruzzo, co-founder of the progressive / future music label Rare Noise.M.O.D. – A futuristic hybrid of music exploration – dub / dub step / reggae / world / africa / drum’n’bass / mutant hip hop / avant metal / experimental / vocal music / instrumental / DJ culture and much more. M.O.D. resumes and continues the legacy of AXIOM, the timeless imprint established in 1989 by Bill Laswell with Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records.

The digital-only Incunabula Series promises to present rare and unique, one time only captured events, in some cases originally experienced by a fortunate few and recover unusual, lost until now studio recordings. Documenting as far back as the early 80s up to present time. Moments seldom heard or experienced by anyone.