One of the joys of editing is the radio component. There were plenty new titles the past couple months so here’s a few select cuts to brigthen the days ahead. Just click on where you see Bela Fleck cover right side and enjoy a hour and a half of great music. Lots of piano – trios and solo.
Bill King

1. Cyrus Chestnut Trio – Lover – (Journeys)JLP
2. Bela Fleck & Flecktones –Gravity Lane (Rocket Science)
3. Monty Alexander – Come Fly With Me (Uplift) JLP
4. Gideon King – All the Way Back – (Revisiting Spaces) Gideon King
5. Francois Bourassa – Isola (Idiosyncrasie)FND– 6:22
6. Bill Anschell – My Heart Belongs to Daddy (Figments) Origin
7. Andre Vasconcellos – Signals of Rain (2) Adventure Music
8. Robi Botos – Life Goes On (Place to place to place)A440
9. Elyse Bruce -(Dreamtime) Dreamtime
10. Gonzalo Rubalcaba – Preludio Cortro #2 (Faith) 5Passion
11. Benny Green – Blues Minor –(Source) JLP 5:11
12. David Braid – Le Phare (Verge) DB
13. Sam Broverman – I Thought About You (Dreamaker Heartbreaker)SBM
14. Wendy Lands – Mumble (Mumble) WL