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Tobias Grim: Brazil Lines (2014)

By EDWARD BLANCO, Young Swedish-born guitarist Tobias Grim announces his debut album with Brazil Lines, a light Brazilian-styled vocal project featuring singer Karolina Vucidolac, one of Sweden’s finest interpreters of the genre. Originally from Linkoping, Sweden, Grim began his musical career performing Rock and Funk music, moved to London for a while, …

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CD Release: Mostly Other People Do the Killing, Blue

Audacious. How else would you describe a project to re-create note for note one of the most famous jazz albums of all time? That famous album, of course, would be Kind of Blue. Some other people may say it’s “unnecessary.” “Interesting.” “Foolish.” “Impudent.” “Inscrutable.” “Sardonic.” “Outrageous.” “Unoriginal.” “Blasphemous.” Or “mischievous.” …

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