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Tenor Saxophonist Lawrence Clark Releases debut album called “Forward Motion”

Earlier this month, New York-based tenor saxophonist Lawrence Clark independently released his debut album entitled Forward Motion. The recording highlights Clark’s original compositions which are brought to life through a dynamic group featuring Lawrence Clark (tenor sax); Josh Evans (trumpet); Kush Abadey (drums); Rahsaan Carter (bass); and David Bryant (piano). …

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GLOBAL JAM 4 PEACE – National Sylvan Theatre Stage at the Washington Monument — AND ANYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD!  | ABOUT THE GLOBAL JAM 4 PEACE Music is the oldest language, and it’s universal. Studies have revealed humans communicated with pitches and songs prior to developing the verbal languages. The oldest artifact, a flute made from vulture-bone, predates cave drawings. The pitches produced are similar to the …

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